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Read what our clients are saying!

"Greg - I took the test (1 day after our class) and passed with a 90% so THANK YOU for the was a tremendous help.."

"After taking your review I felt more confident and more knowledgeable of the exam. I knew I'd do better this time and...I did. I would like to thank you for your review. My employer as well as myself would just like you to know how pleased we are. Thank you for all your help."

Another recent Florida class attendee e-mailed us her memo to her boss about our class

(sent on the day she passed the exam on her first try):

"Using Access Pharmacy (Resources) was a great help. My instructor, Greg Evans, Pharm.D. made himself available for any questions I had after the course. I would highly suggest that any of our locations use Access Pharmacy (Resources) for future prep for testing."

The following comments are direct quotes written by seminar attendees on our end-of-day evaluation forms:

"If you want to become a designated representative, Greg's is the class to take."

"Sorry to say you are the best - but you are!! Great class, good material. Didn't even feel like 8 hours."

"Greg is extremely knowledgeable and a compelling speaker."

"Greg was wonderful, funny and extremely knowledgeable. Thanks !"

"Greg was energetic and funny. 8 hours went by 'like that'."

"Great info. I feel stronger for our company and its future." "Thanks for answering all of our questions. You've helped me be able to guide employees through the process of applying, etc at my location."

"Greg kept the course lively and informative."

"Nice, comprehensive! Nice speaking style - good answers to questions."

"Fantastic presentation of relevant material. Thank you !"

"Excellent information. Thank you for keeping the class motivated by sharing life experiences and relating them to issues and regulations in the pharma industry."

"It's worth to attend the course by Greg Evans, Pharm.D."

"Incredible ability to make the mundane interesting and enjoyable."

"Greg provided newspaper and magazine articles which helped emphasize the information he was covering in his class."

"Excellent training in an enjoyable atmosphere."

"Greg was very knowledgeable and fun to listen to. I enjoyed the class very much."

"Very friendly and personable. Good course."

"Group class was interesting and moved at a good pace. Greg was upbeat and fun. He is very knowledgeable"

"Great training. Made it really fun."

"Very friendly and informative. Well presented. Greg is a very intelligent guy."

"It is a challenge for anybody to keep a group interested and focused for 8 hours. Given the subject matter, you did an exellent job! "

"Wonderful course, very informative. Greg is an excellent speaker and kept my attention the entire day! Renee is very informative and a pleasure to deal with!"

"Excellent day."

"Good class ! Small class structure was very nice and made the class more beneficial !"

"Thanks Greg ! "

"Good class ! "

"Thank you for a really good class."

"I enjoyed the seminar."

"Thanks for making this as painless as possible ! I learned a lot !! "

"Well presented - made class fun and informative - time went quickly."

"Good presentation. I enjoyed the training - Good luck ! "

"Very good presentation."

"APR does an excellent job of directing their presentation to a diverse sector of Mfg, Wholesale Dist, and Health Care Personnel. A well tailored seminar."

"Very informative class. Enjoyable presentation and format."

"This was an unbelieveably informative class. It has answered a lot of questions I had. The class was very enjoyable and I highly recommend it! Greg & Renee are a great team and are very knowledgeable."

"Great class! Thank you very much." "Very informative. Excellent!"

"Excellent job!"

"Greg is a very good trainer/speaker and comes across as very knowledgeable and qualified."

"Very informative, was never bored, well worth the money and time!"

"Thanks. Enjoyable."

"Great instruction. Enjoyed the course."

"Real life stories are helpful for understanding and really help the day go fast. Thanks."

"Very well done! Thank you!"

"Greg and Renee are great. The class was educational and enjoyable. Thanks for the personal touch - it made a big difference to the experience."

"Wonderful! Thanks!!"

"Greg was friendly, professional and knowledgeable."

"This is one of the best classes I've attended."

"Great class! The [State Board of Pharmacy Designated Representative] application advice is very valuable."

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