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Access Pharmacy Resources (APR) Offers CA and FL Designated Rep Training Seminars in a Webinar and Teleconference Format

A word about our seminars

In February 2002, APR gave the very first Designated Rep Training Seminar that was offered in California. We invented the class and we are very proud to have trained 1000's of DR's over the past 10 years.

Since that time, others have gotten into the CA and FL DR training business...we welcomed the competition because we have always felt that our training class is the best one out there. Competition always makes a company better.

These other programs are taught by people with no real experience actually working in the drug distribution industry. How do you teach something that you have never done? Simple, you just read the law into a camera...then you as the trainee have to take an exam.

The Access Pharmacy Resources approach does so much more. APR is owned and operated by Greg Evans, Pharm.D. and Renee Evans, R.N. Renee coordinates our seminars and Greg teaches them. Greg has 27 years of experience as a licensed pharmacist and 14 years prior to that he worked as a pharmacy technician. He also has worked for a very well known nationally recognized drug wholesaler and manufacturer.

In addition, for the past 10 years he has been a consultant providing regulatory compliance services and licensing assistance to licensed wholesalers all over the country. And finally, he has worked closely with the CA Board of Pharmacy as a member of the board's Pedigree Workgroup, which helped set up the current CA pedigree laws.

He is a dynamic and entertaining speaker (read our Client Comments page) and loves providing training classes. Wouldn't you rather take training from someone who has real world experience in drug distribution? If your answer to that question is 'YES' then call us at 661-441-0919 to get more info.

Approved by the California State Board of Pharmacy

Access Pharmacy Resources offers its Designated Representative Training Certification Program, approved by the California State Board of Pharmacy. The program is the result of years of research, review and first hand knowledge of pharmacy law as it relates to medical wholesalers, non-resident wholesalers, drug manufacturers' distribution facilities, 3rd party logistics companies and other businesses that utilize designated representatives.

Access Pharmacy Resources also offers a class for Florida CDR candidates to prepare for the Florida Designated Representative licensure exam. It is usually offered in the form of a teleconference, but we have also done live classes.

Registering for our conference will provide you with a syllabus that contains all pertinent Florida and United States laws from which exam questions are pulled. You also receive:

  • Sample exam questions
  • The FL Candidate Information Booklet
  • Approximately 6 hours of instruction

Registrants who attend our class have an extremely high pass rate on their first try (in the 80% range). Information off the Florida Board of Pharmacy website indicates a first time pass rate slightly above the 50% range. Taking our class increases your chances of passing by a huge margin! Visit the Florida CDR Exam Prep Training page for more info.

    • Consulting Services

      APR is partners with Rx Licensing Solutions to provide the following consulting services:

        • Licensing and Compliance Deficiencies
        • Inspection Rediness with our License Protection Handbook
        • Applicai0n assistance
        • Customized Policies and Procedures
        • Preventative Q & A Forum to maintain compliance

      All legally required policies and procedures are provided and they can be customized to your facility, using guidelines from state regulations and laws as well as the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy's (NABP) Model Rules for Wholesalers.

      To further assist you or for more information visit Rx Licensing Solutions

Please contact Access Pharmacy Resources at our new number 661-441-0919 if you would like additional information about our:

  • California Designated Representative Training Seminar
  • Florida Designated Representative Exam Prep Class
  • CA licensed Medical Wholesaler and Non-Resident Wholesaler Consulting

We'd love to hear from you!

    Designated Representative Training Certification program approved by the California State Board of Pharmacy.
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