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Florida Certified Designated Representative Exam Prep Class

Our registrants have an extremely high pass rate!

Access Pharmacy Resources offers its Florida CDR Exam Prep Class. To become a CDR in Florida, each candidate must first apply for the license from the Florida State Board of Pharmacy. After receiving contingency approval from the board, every eligible candidate must then pass the state CDR exam with a score of at least 75%.

Like most states, Florida's laws that relate to drug distribution and medical wholesalers are complex and extensive. They are listed in Chapter 499 and the Florida Administrative Code Rule Chapter 64F-12. Access Pharmacy Resources is the ideal company to help you understand all of these complex laws.

We have trained many Florida CDR candidates in preparation for the exam. We are very proud of our registrants' pass rate, it is extremely high.

Questions About APR's Florida CDR Exam Prep Class

What does APR's Florida Exam Prep Class offer?

When you sign up for APR's Florida CDR Exam Prep Class, you are provided with a syllabus that contains the Candidate Information Booklet as published by the Florida Board of Pharmacy; Chapter 499; Florida Administrative Code Rule Chapter 64F-12 and all applicable statutes and regulations from the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and the United States Code (USC).

In addition, you get the teaching, explanation and experience from Greg Evans, Pharm.D. Greg is the owner of Access Pharmacy Resources and is a licensed pharmacist since 1985. He has been teaching designated representatives in California and across the United States since 2002.

What is the format of the class?

Our class format is usually in the form of a teleconference. We have also done live interactive classes. We can also come to your business if you have several candidates that are planning to take the exam.

How long is the class?

Every class has slight differences, but it is usually about 6 hours long, depending on how many attendees and questions there are. There is a tremendous amount of material that must be covered.

How is the class different or better than my own independent self-study?

Our after class evaluations overwhelmingly demonstrate that our attendees prefer being guided through the material. Reading through laws page after page on your own can be an intimidating and daunting process. Having a teacher instructing, explaining and guiding trainees through the material greatly increases retention and understanding.

Better knowledge and understanding means better test results and, in our opinion, a much greater chance of passing. And, after attending our exam prep class, so do our trainees.

How much does the class cost?

The class costs $650.00 per person. This includes the copyrighted syllabus, several hours of instruction AND the APR Lifetime Consultation Guarantee. Every person who attends either our California Designated Representative Training Seminar or our Florida CDR Exam Prep Class, gets a lifetime of free telephone based consultative services.

Got a question? Just call us and we'll get an answer for you as it pertains to laws regarding medical wholesalers in California, Florida or any other state that you ship to. No other company offers this. Best of all, it's free!

I'm convinced - how do I sign up?

Just call Renee at our office: 661-441-0919.   She can give you a schedule of upcoming classes, and lots more info.

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